Ski rental

Ski rental

The „sport rent center“ was newly rebuilt in the season 2004/2005 and is ready to fulfil everyone's desire. Newest fittings, modern technology and a qualified team guarantee a quick and easy lending.

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Ski repair / Ski service

Ski repair

Our skilled personnel bring your equipment up to date using the newest Montana-Crystal-Glide- Finish-Technology, so that your enjoyment and safety is guaranteed.

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Shop / sports outfitters / sales


There is still something missing to be fully equipped? We have got it for you.

Whether you need goggles, hats, headbands, gloves, sun creme or other accessoires, you'll find the right product in our shop.

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A new ski rental facility

A new ambience for the Sportrentcenter: The ski rental facility in Vipiteno / Sterzing now shines like new! Simply pay us a visit and satisfy yourself!


Ski safety check

The safeguards for binding releases implemented by us in the South Tyrol within the last few years reveals a terrifying picture: Over 97% of all binding releases are outside the legal standard and mean, therefore, a significantly increased safety risk for the skier! This risk can be reduced by the electronic binding adjustment offered by us. 


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